danyDINIZ : the artist of dreams

I am Dr. Daniela Diniz, but my artistic name is danyDINIZ. I am a Medical Doctor, self-taught hobbyist Brazilian artist. Although art is only a hobby, I take it very seriously and I am always challenging myself, dedicating and practicing.  Art is my passion and I don’t know any way better than that to express myself. As my main sources of inspiration are my feelings, my ideas and my dreams, represented among fantasy and surrealism environments, I call myself the artist of dreams. With my art, I have the intention to touch the viewer’s feelings and to provoke emotions and inspiration.

Brazilian | Medical Doctor | Self-Taught Artist
Traditional and Digital Artist | Musician and Composer | Fashion Designer
Abstract | Anime | Dreams | Fantasy | Fashion | Portraits | Semi Realistic

Main Tools: Adobe Photoshop CS5 | intuos4 Tablet | MacBook Pro

http://danyDINIZ.com – Since 2008